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School scheduling software for any device - tablet demo (VIDEO)

Dear timetablers,

We are very excited to show you an exclusive preview of a brand new Prime Timetable that we have reimagined and rebuilt from ground up to work on any device you might have. Take a minute and watch a demo completely shot on a 7'' tablet. How about generating the whole school schedule in seconds with just a touch? Impossible, you might say. This demo shows how easy it is to generate a timetable automatically (in a matter of seconds!), instantly validate it upon any change, adjust manually by dragging cards with a finger and publish it online to share with colleagues and students. Yes, you’ll be able to do all this and so much more...We bet you haven’t seen scheduling like this before.

Screenshot from video

Danijel Stulic, Prime Timetable co-founder, presenting a brand new app which works on any device

Please note that we are going to support both apps: the Silverlight plugin app, which you are using today and which works on Mac and desktop PCs, and the new one which works everywhere, even on tablets and smartphones. Also, you will have the full control to choose which your preferred app will be and that application will be started after you log in.

The new application, shown in the video above, will be available very soon. Stay tuned and enjoy school scheduling like never before!