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New Prime Timetable - the ultimate scheduling experience

School scheduling software for iPad

Dear timetablers,
Thank you for incredible feedback you've been sending us. As a result of your generous support, we bring you the ultimate scheduling experience and much more productive timetabling on any device in the newest Prime Timetable.

Blazing fast automatic generation

We have optimized automatic generator specifically for Chrome browser that majority of timetablers are already using and the results are astonishing: generation is now 2 times faster than in the plugin app and at least several times faster than in any other modern browser. We highly recommend you give Chrome a try (if you haven’t already) and reward yourself with blazingly fast automatic generation.

Clip cards so they are scheduled together

The most requested feature in our online user voice is here. Clipped cards have a little clip icon in the top left corner and will be scheduled and dragged all together, which is essential for block scheduling.

Easily resolve conflicts by merging cards

Although you may hide error notifications by pinning conflicted/rotated cards, the recommended approach is to merge cards instead, and create one out of two or more cards by combining all classes/groups/students and teachers into one lesson.

Drag multiple cards

In a single move you can drag multiple cards simply by drawing rectangle selection around them using the mouse. In order to select the whole day/period/resource or specific range, use Ctrl/Cmd and/or Shift key. When dragging a selected card, the other(s) will follow. Pretty neat, huh?

School scheduling software Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, Linux

Web app is now set as preferred

Web app works on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Linux and countless other devices. No installation needed. You can set your preference by choosing Help > Options > Preferred App.

Lots of other improvements

  • Saving timetable as local file is available without internet connection
  • Easily perform bulk actions on selected cards using context menu: pin/unpin, merge/split, clip/unclip, copy/paste to specific day or period, remove and delete.
  • Context menu also added for days, periods and resources in the view
  • iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android specific optimizations and improvements
  • Help updates: generator tips, generator priority levels and many more...

We hope you will enjoy new improvements and wish you happy scheduling!

Troubleshooting Prime Timetable

Troubleshooting web app

Here are general advises when using web app:

  • If anything goes wrong, try refreshing the web page in the browser
  • If you are not allowed to save changes, choose Owl > Log in, or choose Owl > Help > About to check your license.

Troubleshooting plugin app

Plugin app requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin which works even in older browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, but it's not supported in the latest Chrome and Edge browser.

You can install it from here. Just follow on-screen instructions.

99% of all issues are solved by restarting or changing your browser

After Microsoft Silverlight installation is finished, sometimes it's necessary to just restart your browser. Microsoft Silverlight works on both Mac and Windows in your (properly configured) browser of choice. Our customers are using Prime Timetable on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, and also in Chrome, Firefox, Safari on both Mac and Windows.

Silverlight installation is corrupted on Mac OS > uninstall and install it again

In some rare cases on Mac OS, Prime Timetable won't work because Microsoft Silverlight installation is corrupted. To resolve the issue just uninstall and install Microsoft Silverlight again. Here is a video on how to uninstall Silverlight on Mac.

Browser on Mac OS doesn't let me type text -> change the browser

In some rare cases on Mac OS X, the application won’t let you type text, meaning you can’t enter any data. The problem is solved by starting Prime Timetable in any other browser on Mac (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) which will sort of “unlock text boxes”. After “unlocking” you can revert back to your browser of choice and it will work as expected.

Browser doesn't allow plugins -> change the browser

In some rare cases your browser can be configured so that running plugins like Microsoft Silverlight is forbidden. Just try to use any other browser like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and you are good to go.

I have tried everything, Prime Timetable still doesn't work -> contact us

Give us a feedback. As a last resort, you can try starting Prime Timetable on any other school or home computer, or any other device, like tablet, smartphone, etc.